Berkots Weekly Ad (4/13/22 - 4/19/22) - FLYER IS EXPIRED

Berkots weekly ad from April 13 till April 19, 2022 has sales on fresh market produce, meat, seafood, grocery, cold drinks, deli, bakery, snacks, frozen filets and cuts. This week has promotion on easter sausage, mild or hot, italian, polish, or bratwurst, boneless leg of lamb, lamb ribeye lollipop chops, sugardale shank portion ham at 59c/LB, and EZ carve bone-in beef ribeye roast at $6.88/lb.

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Fresh-produce weekly deals on farm fresh green beans, roma tomatoes, sweet potatoes, yellow or orange pepper, farm fresh asparagus, and brussels sprouts. In grocery buy 1 get 1 free offer on pixies, meltaways or peanut butter buckeyes.

The meat section of the weekly ad has deals on berkot’s famous beef tenderloin, large cooked shrimp, frozen whole turkey, breakfast sausage link or patties.

About Berkots

Berkot's store is the area, family-claimed and worked, full administration supermarket. Their main goal is to procure shopper unwaveringly through their obligation to quality, local area and opportunity. Berkot’s committed to offering new, quality basic foods consistently at serious costs and endeavor to make every local area part of the Berkot's family by partaking in local area occasions, both actually and monetarily. Berkot's objective is to surpass the assumptions for their clients through the obligation to Quality, Community, and Opportunity.

Berkots FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does Berkots Weekly Ad released?

    Berkots Weekly Ads are released on every Wednesday.

  • What kind of Berkots Ads available?

    Berkots shares Weekly Ad and Specials with its consumers on regular basis.Berkots Weekly Ads are released every Wednesday. Specials are available on the basis of special events and holidays.

  • Which day Berkots Weekly Ad start and end?

    Berkots Weekly Ads starts on every Wednesday of the week and ends on upcoming Tuesday. Berkots Specials are available on the basis of special events and holidays.